Monday, March 08, 2021

South Australia Water Safety Committee

Water safety is an important issue for Australians, particularly with our enjoyment of water-based activities like swimming, fishing and boating. In South Australia, the prevention of water-related injuries and drowning deaths is a high priority. While our state has maintained relatively low numbers of drowning deaths, all drownings are considered preventable. With that in mind, it is essential that a coordinated approach between relevant industry, recreational and general interest bodies regarding water safety is maintained.

Under the carriage of the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission and consisting of a diverse representation of government and non-government industries, the South Australian Water Safety Committee was established to guide this state’s response to water safety and encourage communication between key stakeholders. Following the formulation of the State Water Safety Plan 2008-2010 and a move from a planning phase to one of strategy development and implementation, in 2009 the carriage of that committee was accepted by the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission.

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